Shibani Dandekar stands by boyfriend Farhan Akhtar, says he didn’t know about Sajid Khan | bollywood

Among the most articulate and vociferous supporters of #MeToo movement in Bollywood, Farhan Akhtar has been facing heat on Twitter after his cousin Sajid Khan was called out for sexual harassment by three separate women. Many on the social media, including actor Amrita Puri, wondered how Sajid’s family was unaware of his predatory behaviour when it was an open secret in the industry.

While Farhan called out Amrita, his alleged girlfriend Shibani Dandekar has been taking on other Twitter users who suggested that Sajid’s family knew. To one such tweet, Shibani responded, “He can’t be held accountable for something he didn’t do or know of .. we need to focus on the girls and stop with the blame.”

To another who claimed that the family was complicit, she replied, “turns a blind eye?? wow that’s hell of an accusation.. HE DIDNT KNOW plain and simple .. had no clue… the second he heard he spoke up.. that is his truth no matter how much we discuss it, it won’t change.”

When someone said that in Vikas Bahl’s case, his partners in Phantom Films were aware of the harassment, Shibani said she was talking about only one person, “I’m speaking about one particular person who has been accused of knowing and HE DIDNT!!!”

Earlier, Aisha actor Amrita Puri had tweeted, “It was fairly well known that @SimplySajidK is a creep and is completely inappropriate as far as his conduct with women goes. I was warned to stay away from him if I ever came across him. I refuse to believe that it has come as a surprise to ppl from the industry or his family.”

However, she apologized to Farhan later when he called her out. “I deeply resent your insinuation that me or my family knew of his behaviour yet did nothing. Your anger is justified. Your conspiracy theories not,” Farhan wrote in a tweet.

Amrita apologized to him while maintaining Sajid’s behavior was well known in the industry. “My tweet was not directed to you. Are you related? Pardon my ignorance. Also it’s not fair to generalise as I did. My apologies. However @SimplySajidK’s misconducts were fairly well known. I’m surprised that it’s come as a shock,” she wrote in a reply to his tweet.

Sajid was named by three women in separate #MeToo accounts. Saloni Chopra accused the filmmaker of harassing her mentally, emotionally and sexually while she worked as an assistant director while actor Rachel White alleged he asked her to “seduce him in 5 minutes” for a role. Journalist Karishma Upadhyay claimed Sajid tried to forcibly kiss her during an interview.

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